Solar is the Next Logical Move Towards Energy Efficiency

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FCS Partners, LLC, owners of a Middleton, Wisconsin based 75,000 sq. ft. multi-tenant office building recently installed a 155-kW solar array at 8001 Terrace Avenue. Landlord and all five diverse tenants, including a large federal government user, understood the benefit of solar energy and agreed the flat roof was an ideal location for the 464-panel system. Owner Steve Cohan, “the investment was made both to realize the environmental impact of solar energy and the positive effect on the bottom line”.

FCS Partners’ “green” vision began twenty years ago when it invested in the preservation of  Esser pond, wetlands, and the Oak Savannah that abut the property. The long-term benefits far outweighed the high initial installation costs associated with that environmentally appropriate solution. Similarly, energy efficiency delivered through solar was the next logical step in the current move toward a positive impact on the environment. “I’d had conversations about solar over the years, but finally the cost of installation, tax credits, incentives and timing all came together to pull the trigger,” said Cohan.

The 464 panel, ballasted array will quietly produce clean energy for decades and will be a fitting tribute to the scenic pond and prairie restoration area the system overlooks. Mr. Cohan’s story is a great example of business owners investing in solar for more than just a nice bottom line as many owners are purchasing solar because they believe in clean energy. Congratulations to FCS Partners on moving forward to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace renewable energy. Cohan, “it makes me smile seeing 250 Equivalent Trees Planted on the solar energy system monitor page.”



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