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The 5 Brightest Benefits of a Community Solar Garden

The 5 Brightest Benefits of a Community Solar Garden

Meet the community solar garden: an affordable, locally produced way to bring renewable energy technology to everyone! State by state, coast to coast, we love seeing solar energy charge into the future of powering America. Are you ready to get involved?

What is a community solar garden?

Not all businesses or homes are a good fit for supporting solar panels: that’s where community solar gardens can help. The team at SunVest Solar finances, designs, builds and operates fields of solar panels throughout the US. These professionally engineered “Solar Gardens” then feed electricity directly into utility distribution grids, where community members can access clean energy – wherever they live.

When you subscribe for a share of the solar garden, you earn energy credits on your electric bill, cut costs and tap into the future of accessible, clean power – and that’s not all.

1. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but a subscription to a solar garden saves you cash!

Both businesses and individuals can save up to 30% off their standard energy costs by joining a community solar garden. Your subscription eliminates the commitment and up-front investment of installing an independent solar array. And while our subscriptions allow customers to opt-out at any time – those long-term savings really add up!

2. It’s a great way to share green energy for all!

Solar doesn’t work on all buildings. Some roofs are shaded, some buildings or homes can’t structurally support solar panels, some folks rent their homes or live in apartment buildings. No matter your situation, in a state or utility territory with a community solar program, you can join a solar garden and enjoy the benefits of green energy. Better yet, community commitments to solar gardens make green energy more accessible than ever to diverse populations.

3. Team up to be part of a positive, collaborative community initiative.

You don’t have to go at it alone! Together, we can support solar energy as a community effort and share the benefits. Our small green power generation projects feed solar energy directly into your local electrical grid, where everyone can access the benefits. Solar gardens use economies of scale, often providing energy more efficiently than a business or home-installed array.  It also boasts more efficient, lower-cost energy production than an individual or independent array by taking advantage of ideal locations with strategic engineering.

4. It’s easy peasy to join with a subscription-style service.

Joining a solar garden gets an A+ for simplicity! You subscribe just like your gym membership, Netflix, or your local CSA. There’s no hardware to install and no additional maintenance at your home or business. Just sign up and benefit from renewable energy for as long as you’d like.

5. Solar energy is sustainable, and it’s an everyday way to do your part.

Solar energy is 100% renewable, offering an energy source that’s both inexpensive and abundant. The solar gardens themselves have a low maintenance cost, offer substantial savings to members, and are they’re good for the earth – everyone wins!

And here’s the process for how a community solar garden works.

If you reside in Illinois, Maine, or Minnesota and you’re ready to learn more, reach out to the team at SunVest today to learn more! We will soon offer community solar subscriptions in other states as well. We work every day to help our customers access more sustainable energy solutions, and they save over $8 million annually.

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