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Join Your Community in the Clean Energy Movement

With community solar gardens, members of the community (residents, business owners, organizations, municipalities, etc.) can subscribe to a portion of a solar array, and in return can use the energy produced to help pay for their electricity costs. It gives the community equal access to the economic and environmental benefits of solar power regardless of space or homeownership. Plus, it’s a great way to save money, support clean and local energy, and help combat climate change.

Save Money

Reduce your utility bill by choosing clean, locally-produced solar power.

Support Local

Solar power is generated from a community garden located in your region.

No Equipment Needed

There is no change to how power is delivered to your home or business, and no change to your utility company.


Power your home with a clean, renewable energy source.


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Currently, SunVest is only offering community solar in Illinois and Minnesota



  • Join a nearby community solar farm at no extra cost to you, and no matter if you rent or own
  • There is no change to how power gets to your home – no change in utility company, no equipment installation
  • Receive immediate savings on your monthly energy bill
  • Power your home with locally-produced, clean, renewable energy

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