COVID-19 Response

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As we monitor the updates about the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are actively following the WHO, CDC and government protocols to make sure that we are taking appropriate precautions to keep our staff and customers as safe as possible. We have put in place a plan of action to minimize further disruption or delay in our projects and services while following safety regulations in our offices as well as on job sites and during service visits.


  • Maintain and practice all safety measures the CDC recommends
  • Proper social distancing and sanitizing of work surfaces regularly
  • Antibacterial and cleansers are available in multiple office areas
  • Screen guards installed in any shared work spaces
  • Meetings will continue to be virtual to limit visitors in the office
  • Those who have been exposed will be asked to work from home

If you need to make an appointment or set up a call, please contact us at (262) 547-1200.


These precautionary steps will be followed in partnership by SunVest Solar employees as well as sub-contractors working on the job sites and service visits.

COVID-19 Response


  • Maintain social distancing and change social contact habits
  • Service vehicles equipped with tools to properly sanitize work area
  • Masks are worn when employees enter building or are in close contact
  • All interior working surface areas are sanitized before leaving
  • Meetings will continue to be virtual or via phone conversation
  • Less employees will be deployed to each job site
  • Daily check-ins with employees to gauge for any symptoms
  • Employees are required to stay home if there are symptoms
  • Safety and health reminder signs will be placed at each active job site


Pandemic Safety Officer:
Wendy Griffin (262) 547-1200

Hand Washing Stations:
(3) stations for hand washing available in Pewaukee, WI location; (3) stations for hand washing available in the Geneva, IL locations and (2) stations for hand washing in the Madison, WI location. Each employee will receive their own 12 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer for dedicated use.

Sanitizing Protocols:
All common areas are to be sanitized twice a day and all work spaces will be sanitized daily at the end of the work day. Conference rooms will be also sanitized after any usage and drop in work spaces are temporarily not available for usage. All vehicles will be sanitized at the end of each day, and each interior job site will be sanitized before leaving the site. Best practice and safety guidelines have been posted in high traffic places in all office locations.

Driving Conditions:
Occupants of company vehicles will be limited; only employees deemed essential for the project will have access to a vehicle. Each vehicle will be sanitized at the end of each day, and proper tools for hand sanitation will be provided for each vehicle. Each vehicle will be equipped with masks for employees to use while on a job site.

Breaks / Work Areas
Common areas will be sanitized twice a day and all employees will be practicing social distancing. Screen guards will be installed for any shared offices, and each work station will be sanitized on a daily basis.

Office Visitors
The main door will only be accessible to employees with a key. All visitors must have a scheduled appointment and all deliveries will be dropped off outside the main access door.

Stay safe and healthy, 

SunVest Solar Family

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