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Solar Project Partners: Why SunVest Shines Brighter Above the Rest

Solar Project Partners: Why SunVest Shines Brighter Above the Rest

Before the energization of a solar project comes a series of meticulously planned development stages. Each stage requires its own expertise, and specialized solar providers are available to help get the job done.

As a full-suite independent power producer (IPP), SunVest does it all: design/build services, project construction, innovative financing options, understanding of local, state and federal incentives, and more. We also own and operate our own portfolio of solar projects and manage operations and maintenance of solar assets for commercial, industrial, non-profits and utilities nationwide.

SunVest as a Solar Project Partner

At SunVest, we maintain a diverse network of subcontractors and take a varied approach to both products and financing methods at every development stage. The following descriptions explore the roles and components of each requirement in the process:

1. Identifying your energy needs and average consumption

What are the consumption patterns and energy requirements of your facility? A solar solutions provider can take a look at your historical energy bills to understand peak usage and identify how you can benefit from a solar installation.

2. Meeting your environmental and sustainability goals

Does your company have high-level environmental and sustainability goals in place? Do you merely want a symbol of your sustainability, or do you want to meaningfully offset your full emissions? Your answers will impact the design and scope of the system.

3. Assessing solar potential and feasibility

What is the solar potential of your business’s location? A solar project developer can help you consider your geographic location, local climate, and average sunlight hours to get some idea of your potential energy production.

4. Measuring available roof space and ground space at the site location

Does your business have adequate space on rooftops or on adjacent land for a solar panel installation?  A solar solutions provider will guide you through potential issues such as orientation, shading, or structural integrity.

5. Selecting system design and equipment

A solar project design engineer specializes in designing systems that weigh important factors such as panel efficiency, durability, warranty and the type of solar technology. Each design is tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

6. Scheduling your installation

Local contractors install the solar array, typically working with the solar developer or consultant to ensure quality and efficiency.

7. Considering local and federal policies

What are the net metering policies in your state or local area? Net metering will allow you to sell excess solar power back to the grid, potentially generating bill credits or even revenue. You will need a developer that is skilled at working with the local utility company to interconnect the system. Additionally, there are many state and federal initiatives to advance renewable energy. A developer with tax expertise can help make sure your project takes full advantage of the credits available to your business.

8. Operating and maintaining your installation

Once your solar array is installed and connected to the grid, you will need to determine if ongoing operations and maintenance will be performed in-house, or by an outsourced solar expert.

Building a Bright Future

The solar energy market is constantly evolving in terms of technology and incentives. SunVest engages at the forefront of the legislative and regulatory processes to understand the changing policy landscape and harness the benefits and opportunities for our customers.

Another significant advantage of going with SunVest? Solar without a capital investment. The burden of upfront development costs can be limiting.  Fortunately, our team offers what many of its solar competitors do not— multiple financing methods.

In addition to financing and leasing programs, SunVest utilizes what are known as PPAs, or Power Purchase Agreements. PPAs give commercial and industrial businesses a way to enjoy on-site renewable energy systems without taking on upfront costs or ongoing maintenance costs.

Under a PPA, our customers pay a predetermined monthly price per KWh. In most cases, this rate falls 5-20% below the standard retail charge. SunVest takes care of the solar array installation, as well as any necessary interconnection or maintenance costs for the duration of the agreement.

To determine whether your company is the right fit for a PPA, check out this helpful guide that explores all you need to know.

With You Every Step of the Way

Moving forward with solar can be a great investment for your company. By working with a full-suite solar provider like SunVest, you can secure a trusted solution that aligns exactly with your business’s needs and goals. Our dynamic model allows us to focus on proven technologies, offer competitive pricing and build the optimal solar system for each customer.

Ready for the next steps? Reach out to our team at SunVest Solar today.

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