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It’s Time to Convert Your Commercial Buildings to Solar Energy

It’s Time to Convert Your Commercial Buildings to Solar Energy

Right now, is the best time to consider converting your commercial buildings to solar energy. Solar energy over the years has become more accessible and the installation price has reduced drastically, some say as much as a 90 percent discount. Along with the reduced cost, the federal government launched the Solar Investment Tax Credit to incentivize commercial and residential conversion to solar power. This tax credit allows those who make the investment for clean energy to receive a percentage back in their pocket. Moving forward, businesses saw substantial decreases in energy cost as the solar energy was offsetting the nonrenewable energy supplied by utility companies.

Coal, a nonrenewable fossil fuel, is the most common and accessible resource to generate electricity; that is until we discovered energy could be siphoned from the sun. It has been the driving force behind our need for energy since the early 1880’s and the United States has enough to cover all of our energy needs for the next 250 years. Even though coal is a natural element, burning it for energy has its effects on the environment. The biggest concern is the C02 that is emitted when burning coal, and the impact that has on our ozone layer and the plant and animal life.

This is where we can reduce the carbon footprint by pairing solar options to the existing grid to reduce the burning of coal without reducing the amount of energy generated.

So, how does this impact you and your business? Well, in a nutshell, after upgrading your commercial building to utilize solar options, you are going to see a significant decrease in your utilities bill. Over time, your initial investment will be depreciated, and you will start to see the return on your solar investment. Some commercial buildings can even house enough solar modules to generate power and make it available for neighboring establishments. This is called community solar and can create some additional revenue for your establishment.

In addition to the monetary value, your customers will appreciate your initiative to move your business forward by using clean, renewable energy. A lot of businesses experience positive feedback and word-of-mouth referrals because of their choice to go green.

Commercial Buildings, What’s Next?

Now that we have your attention, are you ready to learn what your next steps will be to get on board with clean energy? It’s simple when you have an experienced solar developer working with you on the project. Not only will we custom design your solar project, we will work with trusted partners to get you the best deals on the most reliable equipment.

SunVest Solar can even find solar financing for your project and our project managers oversee the construction from start to finish. All you need to do it spread the word that your business is doing everything you can to go green and reduce your carbon footprint by relying on clean energy, solar energy.

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