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How Commercial Properties Can Reap the Benefits of Solar Energy

How Commercial Properties Can Reap the Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy is rapidly growing more popular, especially with the increase in equipment efficiency and availability of financial incentives, and commercial properties and businesses are seeing the benefits of converting to clean energy. Upgrading to solar doesn’t mean you need to commit to one type of energy or the other; most commercial properties still rely on the traditional grid and allow the solar upgrades to work alongside it, reducing traditional energy costs. This is possible due to a term called net metering.

What is net metering?  When the sun is shining and your panels are soaking in the sun, the energy you consume is offset by the energy you produce. This means you are getting your energy for free because you are not drawing electricity from the utilities grid. On a sunny day, your solar panels may produce more energy than you will use. While you will need to rely on the traditional grid to draw power during the dark hours and times when you consume more energy than you produce, the extra energy that you r commercial properties builds up during the day is then given back to the utilities company in exchange for credit. The credits that you have earned in turn offset the cost of utilities used during times of utility draw. In a nutshell, your utilities bill will show a significant decrease in what you pay your utilities company.

Most commercial properties are equipped with roof space that can hold enough solar panels to generate a significant amount of power. Even if your building falls short in accessible roof space, solar panels can be mounted using a ground mount. Whether the panels are mounted on the roof or in a field, your professional solar developer will make sure that the modules are mounted to soak up as much sunlight as possible.

Your developer can easily suggest creative solutions that enable your company to efficiently use all the space you have available. SunVest Solar Inc. worked with Jeffers Property Management who took the bold step of purchasing a 374kW solar parking canopy. This not only created the opportunity for generating solar energy, it also provided cover for vehicles from the elements. “SunVest designed and installed the City’s largest solar parking canopy that brought a historic building into the modern age in one bold, visible statement. The idea for this solar installation instantly became part of our long-range energy plans for the Clark Building.” states Josh Jeffers, President of J. Jeffers & Co.

Next Steps for Commercial Properties

Now that you can see the monetary benefits of installing solar equipment on your commercial buildings, it’s time to pick a developer to get the project done. Working with SunVest Solar Inc. means that you will be taken care of from start to finish and even thirty years down the road when it’s time to upgrade.  From custom solar design to project management and you can feel confidant when signing with SunVest Solar. Contact us today to get started on your project!

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