North Dakota Is Getting Paid To Go Solar

North Dakota boasts some of the cheapest utility rates of the United States. With the rise of renewable energy, and the push back on the usage of fossil fuels, North Dakota will start to see a drastic increase in utility prices. North Dakota does have a 10% RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standards) but it is voluntary with no consequence, which means utilities are not yet being pressured to convert to renewable energy efforts. As we have seen with several other states, this will quickly change, and solar energy will be in high demand.

How the North Dakota Solar Incentive Works

North Dakota does offer net metering which allows solar energy producers to transfer unused energy back to the grid in exchange for credit. This is mandatory for private utilities, not co-ops or municipal utilities and net metering has a cap of 100 kW.
Renewable energy tax exemption is a great way to save when installing a new solar energy system. While the value of your property will go up when installing the solar energy system, you will not see your property taxes go up for the first five years after installation in North Dakota.

North Dakota, Go Solar with Sunvest

Along with the North Dakota solar incentives, the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) can be used for both residential and commercial properties. There are also several grants that can be written and applied for by your professional Solar Developer. Partner with the right solar developer, and see the results you expect.

We are very happy with our solar installation at Lake Country UU Church. The production electric meter read over 39,000 kW so far since it was commissioned, bringing in almost $5,000 revenue so far. Thank you again for all of your help with this project.


Lake County UU Church
Hartland, WI


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North Dakota Solar Incentives

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