Advancing Sustainable Energy

As Wisconsin’s largest solar developer SunVest Solar has been helping customers for nearly 10 years with successful, affordable solar panel installations and to reap the benefits of sustainable energy.

Our solar projects include all sectors of the market, from commercial to residential buildings and communities to schools. We install photovoltaic arrays for solar power on newly constructed buildings and retrofitted to existing buildings, as well as ground-mounted arrays for community solar projects.


Is solar worth it?

Absolutely! You can trust SunVest Solar to help you fully understand your solar system, provide you with honest information throughout the project and show you measurable results.

What we offer:

  • Education: We provide all the information you require to understand what you’re buying, the scope of the solar installation project and how your solar system works.
  • Honesty: SunVest Solar is committed to providing accurate information for installation costs and the return on your investment.
  • Affordable cost: Because we are not limited to any one product or subcontractor, we shop around to get you the best price on a product that meets your needs.
  • Financing: SunVest Solar understands and can help you explore solar financing options, from power purchase agreements (PPAs) to leasing to debt financing. We’ll also identify applicable federal and state incentives and will even assist with grant writing.
  • Accountability: After the install, our online monitoring system makes sure your solar system is achieving target production numbers and helping cut your energy costs.


Check out our projects in each sector to learn more.


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