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We Develop, Operate and Maintain Solar Power Systems

We are a design-build solar developer committed to powering America’s future on sustainable energy technologies. SunVest Solar works as your general contractor, helping you navigate the complex world of solar system installations. We install photovoltaic arrays for solar power on newly constructed buildings and retrofitted to existing buildings, as well as ground-mounted arrays for community solar projects.

We have decades of experience designing, building, operating and maintaining solar power systems, and we are just getting started. Our mission is to achieve energy independence, and we are working state by state, coast to coast to get there.

Who We Serve

With growing concerns about carbon emissions and rising electricity costs, solar power can serve as a clean, renewable energy alternative for utility companies. Solar power systems maintain a constant flow of energy at a fixed-priced rate, especially during peak demand periods when electricity from fossil fuels is the most expensive.

What do shops, manufacturing facilities, agricultural establishments, and hospitals all have in common? They can all benefit from integrating solar energy systems with their business model. SunVest Solar serves the needs of businesses of all sizes; meeting your sustainability goals as well as providing a strong return on your financial investment.

Community solar gardens allow members of the community to subscribe to a portion of a solar array, and in return can use the energy produced to help pay for their electricity costs. It gives the community equal access to the economic and environmental benefits of solar power regardless of home or building ownership, and roof space.

To give back to communities, non-profits need to stretch their budgets further. Solar energy is an excellent option to reduce electrical costs and to get the most from limited budgets. Solar panel systems are more affordable, and financing options combined with tax incentives make it easier to reap the benefits of sustainable energy while helping the planet.

Using your land as a solar garden can allow you to make 3-4 times the amount of conventional farming. Solar farms give you clean energy in a smart and profitable way. When you partner with SunVest, you’re simply leasing your land. SunVest will take care of the installation, maintenance, and any increase in property taxes that are attributed to the project.

Solar power is a clean, renewable energy alternative for utility companies. During peak-demand periods, solar delivers energy at prices competitive with fossil-fuel produced electricity – at a fixed rate, for decades.

What do most businesses have in common? They can all benefit from solar energy integration. SunVest helps businesses of all sizes meet sustainability goals while simultaneously providing a strong ROI.

Subscribers save money by purchasing energy for less than current utility rates. Electricity produced by Community Gardens allows members to reap the economic benefits of solar without purchasing an entire PV system.

Non-profit organizations can realize long-term savings by investing in solar energy. With fixed, predictable energy costs, organizations can streamline budgets to better help the communities they serve in the long run.

Leasing or selling land for a solar garden can deliver 3-4 times the income of conventional farming. We handle installation, maintenance and property tax increases due to solar. At the end of system life land is naturally revitalized.

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