Community Wide Solar Programs

SunVest is helping tribal communities across the United States achieve their renewable energy goals and advancing their tribal energy independence.  We understand the unique energy challenges that tribal communities face such as; energy policies, legislation and financial access. Our highly skilled team is uniquely qualified to address those challenges and we are committed to building stronger partnerships with tribes and their energy partners.

SunVest specializes in tribal tailored solar projects from conception to installation and monitoring. We have assisted tribes across the country identify, develop, finance and implement solar projects community wide.  SunVest is also committed providing renewable energy educational opportunities for tribal communities and tribal youth.

SunVest optimizing tribal involvement in all aspects of solar installations by including tribal members and business in workforce development opportunities and specialized training.

Tribes are moving toward energy sovereignty but in some cases lack access to technological resources and the funding necessary to develop infrastructure. SunVest has worked with tribes to explore innovative financing approaches to developing and implementing community wide solar programs.


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