5.98 kW, Milwaukee, WI

23 panels – 260 watts each – comprise this 5.98 kilowatt roof mounted solar array. This project was part of the Milwaukee Shines Group Buy. Estimated annual offset will be approximately 75%.

6.36 kW, Brookfield, WI

Bob and Michele had a 24 panel, 6.36 kW solar array installed on the south facing roof of their detached garage in Brookfield, Wisconsin. A single Fronius 5 kW inverter sends clean renewable [...]

4 kW, Madison, WI

Jim Penzykowski purchased a 14 panel, 3.99 kW solar electric system. SolarWorld black frame modules are installed on the west facing array of the home.

9.36 kW, Hartland, WI

Mark Lindborg purchased a 36 panel, 9.36 kW solar electric system. The solar array was installed on the south-facing roof of his horse barn. A single Fronius inverter is located on the north [...]

6.36 kW, Mount Horeb, WI

Lindsey Feuling wanted solar, but was limited by roof space. SunVest Solar designed a system using a SolarEdge inverter that delivers maximum power from whichever roof spaces are in full sun.

9.36 kW, Elm Grove, WI

This 36 panel solar array will offset 95% of household usage. Concerns with hungry squirrels led to “critter guard” screening around the array.

10.2 kW, Cross Plains, WI

Mike Sussman and Nancy Gaedke purchased a 37 panel, 10.2 kW solar electric system for their home. A SolarEdge inverter will feed a LG Chem battery backup system.