Vincent High School 12.8 kW array A single Fronius 10 kW inverter coverts DC power from the array Roof curbs keep the array above the membrane making maintenance & repairs simple Structural steel requires a fewer number of roof curbs for support The array follows the undulations and drainage patterns in the roof Due to the height of the roof curbs, elevated conduit supports were needed A DC disconnect next to the array meets rapid shutdown compliance

Vincent High School

Milwaukee, WI

Vincent High School

SunVest Solar was contracted to design and install a 40 panel, 12.8 kW solar electric system on Vincent High School in Milwaukee. Support curbs were flashed into the roof. These curbs support structural steel, which in turn supports Iron Ridge tilt-up legs. The array feeds a 10 kW Fronius inverter located in the school’s penthouse mechanical room.


Passenger vehicles driven for one year


Homes electricity use for one year


Number of smartphones charged


Tree seedlings grown for 10 years


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