Aerial View of Jonco's solar array Solar Dock 25 degree tilt racking 1st 7 of the 14 installed SolarEdge inverters Close up of Solar Dock Racking 2nd 7 of the 14 SolarEdge Inverters

Jonco Industries

Milwaukee, WI

Jonco Industries

Jonco, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, now gets over 400,000 kilowatt hours per year from the sun. Over 1,100 Canadian Solar 320 watt panels fill a large portion of Jonco’s roof. Fourteen SolarEdge inverters are installed on the mezzanine wall of the building’s roof.

Over 400,000 kw of solar energy is generated from this project on Jonco Industries’ rooftop.


Passenger vehicles driven for one year


Homes electricity use for one year


Number of smartphones charged


Tree seedlings grown for 10 years


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