A close up of a tilt up array A ground mount array in the Winnebago Heights neighborhood A more typical flush roof mount array Wide view of a tilt up roof mount Another tilt up array Multiple orientations on a multi-unit apartment building More roof mounts on a multi-unit building

Ho-Chunk Nation

Baraboo, WI

Ho-Chunk Nation

Over ninety-eight sites received solar installations in 2018. The total project size was 362 kw. A great amount of coordination is required to complete this many sites within the project time window. While a majority of these sites were residential, there were a variety of installation types. Ground mounts provide power to some multi-unit buildings, tilt-up arrays orient panels to the south on some east/west facing roofs and the more typical flush mount type of installation was also used.


Passenger vehicles driven for one year


Homes electricity use for one year


Number of smartphones charged


Tree seedlings grown for 10 years


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