Steel was craned up to the roof of the parking ramp 1 1/4" foundation bolts were set with epoxy anchors into the canopy floor Construction begins by setting vertical steel beams Cross members were bolted in place Steel erection continues Steel cross member bolted in place The completed steel structure prior to panels being installed SolarEdge inverters provide energy to the main electrical service Conduits from the array were carefully placed The finished product! View from above of the array, which covers over 70 cars on the top floor Side view of part of the 115 tons of structural steel

Clark Building Parking Canopy

Middleton, WI

Clark Building Parking Canopy

Jeffers Property Management took the bold step of purchasing a 374 kW solar parking canopy. 1,100 solar panels now adorn – and cover – the top floor of the five story structure.

SunVest designed and installed the City’s largest solar parking canopy that brought a historic building into the modern age in one bold, visible statement. The idea for this solar installation instantly became part of our long-range energy plans for the Clark Building.

– Josh Jeffers

An elaborate steel infrastructure was designed, craned, epoxied and erected to support the panels. Electrical conduits from the array run beneath the floor to an inverter arrangement just north of the array. AC power from the system is delivered to the main distribution panel five stories below.


Passenger vehicles driven for one year


Homes electricity use for one year


Number of smartphones charged


Tree seedlings grown for 10 years


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