Attic Angel Senior Living Facility

Middleton, WI

Attic Angel Senior Living Facility

Attic Angel senior living facility is now graced by a 93 kW solar array.

We are extremely pleased with our experience working with the staff at SunVest. They brought an enormous amount of knowledge that helped us achieve more success with our installations than we ever anticipated. We found 40 residents who jumped to the chance of doing something for sustainability via solar and were willing investors in great systems. Without SunVest’s enthusiastic involvement, we would have had a much more difficult time at delivering the results achieved. We recommend SunVest Solar, Inc as a first-class supplier.

– Bjorn J. Red Thompson

Two roofs – a south facing and a west facing – now feature flush-mounted arrays. This system offsets over 20 percent of the multi unit’s electrical usage.


Passenger vehicles driven for one year


Homes electricity use for one year


Number of smartphones charged


Tree seedlings grown for 10 years


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