Design and Engineering Manager

Roger Aranda started working in the renewable energy industry during 2008 in the state of Texas after previously working on Automotive system design. He graduated as an electrical and mechanical engineer with a Master’s Degree in Manufacturing Engineering.  His focus has always been on system designing, where he has developed multiple Solar PV projects across different states, working on the design, budget, coordination, management, and execution for its successful delivery to client. A critical part of his work has always been the understanding of client needs and keeping up with state-of-the-art technology as well as the latest rules, laws, incentives, and permissions needed for a comprehensive and reliable energy system. He has been certified by NABCEP as a professional installer.  His commitment to caring for the environment, while deploying reliable technology has been his personal mission. Roger works for SunVest as a Design and Engineering Manager, and highly values working with an outstanding team of professionals. When he is not working on solar systems, he enjoys outdoor activities with family and friends including running, golfing, and tennis.


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