VP of Project Delivery

Andy Seward and his team are responsible for transforming interconnection positions, active commercial or industrial spaces, and lease options into generating assets. His project managers track greenfield development, commercial origination, engineering, and procurement processes before engaging construction partners to complete the installation and commissioning of SunVest’s projects. This includes safety tracking, supplier and installer quality control enforcement, utility interconnection and relationship management, and all performance and protection testing activities. Completed projects are then transitioned into SunVest’s operating fleet and handed over to our Operations & Maintenance team for long-term management.

Andy Seward has been leading the execution of complex engineering projects around the world for over thirteen years, having delivered over 100 MW of ground-mount photovoltaic solar systems and over 100 MWh of battery energy storage projects in his renewables career after past lives spent working in aerospace assembly automation and international infrastructure development. Andy is a licensed Professional Engineer and holds BSME and MSME degrees from Iowa State University of Science & Technology.


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